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Borrow My Credentials

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Who we are

We are  recognizes the need for those who want to open home care agencies and group homes but don’t know or have anyone who has the credentials needed to move forward. BMC is a group of qualified people who wants to help other people make their business dreams come true.

Physical therapist stretching leg of patient

What we do

We help new and current agencies find a person with the correct credentials help you find a person who has credentials you need in order to complete applications or work in the interim. What we do is pair you with someone with the needed credentials that you are looking for in order to open up the business that you want.

Our Passion


Our passion is to help people who want to open a healthcare specific business have everything that they need in order to do so. Along with the right knowledge and plan.



BMC has really helped me! I always wanted to open a group home business but I didn’t have the CEO to do so. I got paired with my CEO and now I have the business of my dreams and a great new mentor! Thank you BMC!


I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for BMC! I wanted to open a Medicare business but I wasn’t a nurse and I did not know a nurse who was able to help me out. With BMC, knowing that I find my nurse but now I have a skilled nursing facility that I have always dreamed of and I did not have to go to school for four years to do it!




IBH Image Centre utilizes an integrated client centered service approach to Leadership Value & Lifestyle Coaching. The founder Anita Willis, has worked with multiple owners and agencies in lifestyle coaching. She has great knowledge on how to get and keep your business open with the right processes and qualities.


Founded in 2007, as a child welfare training agency for foster parents, group homes and child placement agencies we grew to understand the dynamic needs from each entity. We found that there are many people in the industry that have the passion to change the lives of children in the foster care system, but did not have the proper resources or training to caring for the children while taking care of the business. The consulting team has done an excellent job and helping his customers be the best they can be and successfully helped dozens of owners. In my experience, the team has been the most humblest people you’ll ever meet. They are down to earth, kind, and absolutely dedicated to helping all of their clients.


Healthcare business consultants with many years of experience specializing in home & companion care, group home, adult day program, transportation company and Medicaid waiver certification. Ernest Flagg is an excellent resource in this field. He has helped many people get and keep their business and stay in full compliance. His knowledge is very valuable. Ernest Flagg is one of the most down to earth and kindest people you’ll ever meet. He is fully involved in his business is 100%


21st-century home care consulting services is a nationwide consulting services known for their excellence in certifying agencies especially in the Medicare field. If you are looking for a skilled nursing facility, this is definitely the place to go. They help with everything from licensing to accreditation. 21st century has been around for many years and they do an excellent job in helping people own a fully operable Medicare business.


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