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SERVICES – Borrow My Credentials

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Borrow My Credentials offers a variety of services to government or healthcare businesses be very successful. Some of the services we offer include:

Our Borrow My Credentials Compliance Team

We have a compliance team that makes random stops to all of our contracted businesses to make sure that all parties are operating with full integrity and full compliance. Our compliance team will come out to check to make sure that there are no outstanding complaints or audits and to make sure that the owner is abiding to their part of the contract as well as the lender.

Double Check Program

The double check program is for contracted entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to come into the business and make sure that they are in full compliance. This is good if you have an upcoming audit coming up and you just want to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. This is a very good program to utilize as in most cases, you will find some preventable things that can shorten your corrective action plan.

Orientation Program

Make sure your staff has a great start with our Orientation Program! Our Orientation Program consist of our team working with the Contracted programowner as well as the Lender (if the lender chooses) to come to your site or main office and teach your staff the orientation program that you would like set forth. Some of the subjects includes abuse and neglect, mandated reporting, incident reporting, and many others.  With our orientation program, we need at least 14days of noticein order to accomplish this properly and successfully. We have multiple packages of the orientation program to make your business a great success!

Corrective Action Plan Program

So now that you gotten your audit and have a few items that need to be corrected, it is now time to make sure you send in a corrective action plan. Our corrective action program will assist you in sending your corrective action plan to the state and auditors in a timely manner. What you do is send us your corrective action plan to us as soon as you get it. We will then review it and we will respond to you with the corrective action(s) that need to be corrected according to the regulations. When you get the CAP, you are to fully responsible to enforce it. With the corrective action plan, you will be required to send BMC verification that not only yourwas submitted successfully but that it was submitted in a timely manner.(


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